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This video originally appeared on VOA Learning English YouTube Channel.

These people are playing a sport called “Ultimate Frisbee” in Denver, Colorado. “When you mention that you play Ultimate Frisbee they either ask if it’s Disc Golf or if it’s the sport where you throw a Frisbee to your dog. No, it’s neither of those unfortunately.” “Scores like football. Runs a lot like basketball. But kind of has positions and plays like soccer.”
“Ultimate Frisbee is, basically, kind of like soccer with a disc.” There are no referees or judges in Ultimate Frisbee. “With Ultimate, there’s something called ‘the spirit of the game'” “It’s a self-officiated sport, so everybody’s responsible for settling their own disputes on the field.” “People cheer each other on. The other team congratulates you on good play, and that’s the way it should be, I think.” “It’s awesome. So I bring my little girls…and they love it. Because I think it teaches them that girls can do anything. They can compete with men. They can beat men — even better.” On this day, each team has both men and women. “This is a coed sport. Every team has to have three of each gender on the field at all times.” Age does not keep people from playing. “I’m a 50-year-old guy, and I can come out here and play and still be competitive against younger people and I get a workout that I can’t make myself do other ways.” I’m Milagros Ardin.

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