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Living English, a 42-part series produced by Australia Network, looks at the English language used in everyday situations such as checking into a hotel or describing people. This episode is titled, “He didn’t write.” Click here for details including transcript.

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  • Roger 5 years ago

    I like this video because it’s interesting to learn about the past tense.
    1. I learnt how to use past tense in the sentences.
    2. regular verbs, such as stay – stayed, study – studied.
    3. irregular verbs, such as write – wrote, think – thought.

  • Gavin 5 years ago

    This video is very good.I know how to find the missing people.I’ve learned in the past tense, and verb changes.

  • Episode 6 talk about past tense ,I learn changes in the past tense.
    ex:worked ; was ; caught ;

  • Sujeong 5 years ago

    I like this video.
    I learned
    1.past tense
    ex:I worked hard yesterday. He studied computer science. I enjoyed university.
    2.regular verbs & irregular verbs
    -regular verbs-
    work-worked, cook-cooked, worry-worried, study-studied…….
    -irregular verbs-
    write-wrote, think-thought, sit-sat, stand-stood, go-went……
    3.simple present tense and present continuous tense
    -simple present tense-(habit)
    ex:She works hard. I drink coffee. He gets up.
    -present continuous tense-(action-now)
    ex:I’m working hard now. She is drinking water. They are writing on the board.

  • Mashari 5 years ago

    I liked this video . Beacuse I learned about past tense and simple present tense things people do all the
    time every day and present continuous .

    1- Past tense .
    ex : I work(ed) hard ( yesterday ) .

    2- Simple present tense .
    ex : He work(s) hard .

    3- Present continusus .
    ex : I am work(ing) hard ( now ) .

  • Yaneth 5 years ago

    This episode is interesting because teach about the past tense.
    I learned regular verbs and irregular verbs as
    worked, studied, was/were, stayed, wrote, thought, went.

  • I like this video

    1.He is happy now.

    2.She was happy.

    3.I was happy.