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UP – EL AL Safety Video

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Producers of in-flight safety videos have recently been trying to outdo each other when it comes to creative ideas and presentation of the otherwise mundane content. In the past on ESL Tube we have featured a few of s...

Saving Valentina

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This video is about a family vacation that turned into an amazing whale rescue mission. It all started when a family boating off the coast of California found an exhausted humpback whale trapped in the fishing net....

Kindness Boomerang

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The music video for the song One Day produced by Life Vest Inside illustrates that practicing random acts of kindness is contagious. This means that like good virus, it spreads to others. However, the main message of ...

Portrait of Lotte

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This short video has no words in it, yet it speaks volumes and it serves as a great conversation starter. Father and filmmaker Frans Hofmeester took a 15 second clip of his daughter every week for 14 years. The resul...

Director of Operations – World’s Toughest Job

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24 people have applied for the world's toughest job titled director of operations.  The job requirements included the following: Standing up almost all the time Constantly exerting yourself Working from 135 t...

Gordon Ramsay’s Scrambled Eggs

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There are scrambled eggs and then there are perfect scrambled eggs. This video is about the latter. Follow Gordon Ramsay as he prepares his favorite Sunday breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with Sautéed Mushrooms and Tomatoe...

Wonderful World – BBC

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Watch the video and listen to David Attenborough marvel about the beauty of the world we live in.  Then listen again and follow the script below.  Check the meanings of any unknown words in the dictionary.  Leave a...

Wolves Change Rivers

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Have you ever wondered about the impact animals have on other animals and on their environment? Watch the video to learn about the changes to the habitat that resulted after reintroducing wolves to the Yellowstone Nat...

English Is a Crazy Language

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Did you know that the English language is crazy? Well, watch this video and find out why.