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Weird Kitchen Gadgets Review

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Just in time for that holiday shopping trip to the mall - watch Alton Brown review some of Amazon's dumbest kitchen gadgets.

Workout Wednesday with Zach Anner

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Zach Anner was born with cerebral palsy. This condition, however, does not stop him from being a stand-up comedian and a book author. The theme of this funny and very inspirational video is to keep doing your best wit...

Why Don’t Americans Use Bidets?

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Cristen Conger of Stuff Mom Never Told You is talking about possible reasons why bidets are not popular in North America. The video has English subtitles for your convenience.

The Insensitive English Teacher

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Have you ever had an insensitive teacher? Although the teacher in the video sounds very knowledgeable, she does make one mistake when teaching Paula. Can you spot it? Post your answer below. Smack the Pony, BBC

English as a Foreign Language

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You may know how to speak English, but can you speak English as a Foreign Language? You can always take a course. Smack the Pony, BBC

Word Crimes by Weird Al

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It's high time to polish up your English grammar and the well-known comedy genius and recording artist Weird Al Yankovic armed with his big dictionary is here to assist you. His latest hit song Word Crimes (a parody o...

UP – EL AL Safety Video

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Producers of in-flight safety videos have recently been trying to outdo each other when it comes to creative ideas and presentation of the otherwise mundane content. In the past on ESL Tube we have featured a few of s...

English Is a Crazy Language

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Did you know that the English language is crazy? Well, watch this video and find out why.  

Fix Your Grammar

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Watch this funny Glove and Boots production and learn about some common grammar mistakes English speakers make.

I Am Worried about My Grade

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Follow this humorous conversation between a student and his teacher.

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Trapped in the Drive-Thru, Lyrics

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Follow "Weird Al" as he steps out of the house to grab something to eat. Trapped in the Drive-Thru, a parody of a song by R. Kelly. titled Trapped in the Closet, is rich in phrasal verbs and expressions used in daily ...

a-ha Take on Me, Literally

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Thanks to some creative editing work of DustoMcNeato, this popular 80s song finally makes sense.

Learn Guitar with David Brent

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Enjoy this guitar lesson with actor and comedian Ricky Gervais as the leading character of The Office, David Brent.

What kind of Asian are you?

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This humorous video produced by Ken Tanaka is useful as a warm up for classroom discussions on issues such as stereotypes and racial profiling.

Extr@ Episode 30 Love Hurts

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Story: Annie and Hector are having a romantic meal for two in a restaurant. Annie seems rather stressed. She is still jealous, because she thinks that Hector has another girlfriend. Bridget is suspicious too. She h...

Extr@ Episode 29 Camping

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Story: Nick is learning some SAS techniques, as he wants to join the army. Bridget finds this very funny but Nick is sure he has the ability because he was a Scout. Hector and Eunice are reporting from the National...

Extr@ Episode 28 Christmas

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Story: Annie and Hector are discussing traditional Christmas customs while Bridget is going to another Christmas party. Nick returns home from work where he has been working as Father Christmas in a grotto. He is n...

Extr@ Episode 27 Can You Live Without?

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Story: The friends are watching the Marty Ross show, 'Can You Live Without ...' and Nick suggests that they be contestants on the show. They must go for 24 hours without their favourite things. There is a big prize...

Extr@ Episode 26 Alibi

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Story: Bridget says that Annie is talking too much. Annie explains that at 10 o'clock she starts a sponsored silence (for the charity 'Pigs with no Parents'). Hector has a new outfit, but Nick is not interested as ...

Extr@ Episode 25 Art

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Story: Bridget is at work re-running tapes of Marty Ross, a famous Channel 9 show host, when Marty himself walks in. He wants to know if Eunice has his tickets for an important art exhibition preview. He says that ...

Extr@ Episode 24 Pilot Nick

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Story: Annie is preparing food for a Traffic Protest street party and Bridget walks in. She has been charged with organising some building work for Eunice. Annie has been given a precious piece of furniture from he...

Extr@ Episode 23 Truth Or Dare

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Story: During an evening of playing Truth or Dare with Ziggy, Bridget is dared to declare her love for Bernard the neighbour; and Nick is dared to go out shopping -- completely naked. Ziggy is dared to kiss Nick, b...

Extr@ Episode 22 Haunting at Halloween

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Story: It is 31 October. Annie is practising her psychic skills, but Bridget has already been to see Rose Marie, her fortune teller. The boys want to learn about palm reading but in the end they read their horoscop...

Extr@ Episode 21 The Entertainers

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Story: Annie has been taking her new hobby very seriously. She is learning hypnotism but without much success. She tries to hypnotise Charley, Nick and Hector but nothing happens. Bridget does a news story about ho...