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Conan & Andy Dub over China’s Most Popular Soap Opera

Added by 5 years ago

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In this humorous "Return of the Pearl Princess" voice-over video, Conan & Andy add much-needed references to "The View" and Ikea.

Mr. D Is Grading Papers

Added by 5 years ago

9.25K Views1 Comments

Comedian Gerry Dee shares some useful tips on how to grade students' papers, ... not!

Pronunciation problems?

Added by 5 years ago

2.51K Views1 Comments

Watch this scene from the movie The Pink Panther in which Inspector Clouseau (played by Steve Martin) tries to learn how to order a hamburger in natural English. Can you do better than Inspector Clouseau? Go ahead, s...

Fix Your Grammar

Added by 4 years ago

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Watch this funny Glove and Boots production and learn about some common grammar mistakes English speakers make.

Do You Speak English? – Big Train

Added by 5 years ago

2.15K Views2 Comments

Simon Pegg and the Big Train comedy sketch team perform a funny short on life of an English speaking tourist in France. Credit: BBC Worldwide

English Teachers Webseries Episode 1

Added by 5 years ago

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Title: Series Premiere: “First Days Suck” Story: Tom Kellerman's first day as a teacher at Be Yes is one he'd like to forget. However, when an attractive new teacher arrives at the school six months later, he has a b...

Funny Commercial

Added by 5 years ago

1.82K Views1 Comments

This hilarious TV commercial stresses the importance of clear English pronunciation.

Extr@ Episode 1 Hector’s Arrival (Part1)

Added by 5 years ago

2.28K Views1 Comments

Story: Bridget and Annie share a flat in London. Bridget is a fitness enthusiast and also a tough nut when it comes to romance. She receives a letter from her old penfriend in Argentina called Hector saying that he...

Star Wars Rock – Interjections

Added by 5 years ago

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This humorous video produced by OneMinuteGalactica features a Schoolhouse Rock song titled Interjections! Lyrics below: Lyrics & Music by: Lynn Ahrens Performed by: Essra Mohawk (Edited) When Reginald was ...

English Is a Crazy Language

Added by 4 years ago

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Did you know that the English language is crazy? Well, watch this video and find out why.  

Star Wars Rock – Adjectives

Added by 5 years ago

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This humorous video produced by OneMinuteGalactica features a Schoolhouse Rock song titled Unpack Your Adjectives. Lyrics below: Music & Lyrics: George R. Newall Sung by: Blossom Dearie Got home from camp...

I Am Worried about My Grade

Added by 4 years ago

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Follow this humorous conversation between a student and his teacher.

Problems Learning English

Added by 5 years ago

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This funny video illustrates a number of problems students face when learning English. The highlighted problems include subject-verb agreement, tag question formation, mixing metaphors, spelling, wrong stress, and sma...

English as a Foreign Language

Added by 3 years ago

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You may know how to speak English, but can you speak English as a Foreign Language? You can always take a course. Smack the Pony, BBC

The Bear Grylls Essentials Safety Video

Added by 5 years ago

1.94K Views2 Comments

Watch this humorous video of Bear Grylls explaining air safety aboard Air New Zealand aircraft. Let's hope they don't serve the glow worms.

Learn Guitar with David Brent

Added by 4 years ago

1.24K Views0 Comments

Enjoy this guitar lesson with actor and comedian Ricky Gervais as the leading character of The Office, David Brent.

Extr@ Episode 2 Hector Goes Shopping (Part 2)

Added by 5 years ago

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Story: Hector needs some new clothes and Bridget, Annie and Nick offer to help. Each has a different idea about how he should look. They teach him some shopping phrases, but eventually they go off to buy some cloth...

English Teachers Webseries Episode 3

Added by 5 years ago

1.04K Views0 Comments

Title: Hail Mary Story: Tensions rise as the news of Be Yes closing drives a wedge between the staff. As a hail mary attempt to save the school, Sawaguchi calls on someone from the school's past. Synopsis Looking...

Extr@ Episode 3 Hector Has a Date (Part 2)

Added by 5 years ago

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Story: Annie is trying to find a boyfriend on the internet but is not having much luck. Hector is exercising with a fitness video but Bridget thinks she can teach him herself, much to Nick's annoyance. Bridget and ...

Extr@ Episode 29 Camping

Added by 5 years ago

3.66K Views0 Comments

Story: Nick is learning some SAS techniques, as he wants to join the army. Bridget finds this very funny but Nick is sure he has the ability because he was a Scout. Hector and Eunice are reporting from the National...

Practical English in Practice 17 – I Love You

Added by 5 years ago

813 Views0 Comments

This 1984 clip comes from a Finnish comedy series called Spede Show. In "Practical English in Practice" Spede teaches useful English phrases in a humorous way. Special thanks to harzengger for uploading it.

English Teachers Webseries Episode 2

Added by 5 years ago

839 Views0 Comments

Title: (Un)equilibrium Story: With everyone running on auto pilot, the Be Yes staff is easily distracted. However, when Sawaguchi delivers bad news, the school's endangered future has their full attention. Synopsi...

Extr@ Episode 4 Hector Looks for a Job (Part 1)

Added by 5 years ago

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Story: Nick is looking for a job as a stuntman and Hector decides that he should get a job too. The girls help him decide to try for a job as a waiter. Bridget invites her boss to the flat for dinner. The girls als...

Extr@ Episode 30 Love Hurts

Added by 5 years ago

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Story: Annie and Hector are having a romantic meal for two in a restaurant. Annie seems rather stressed. She is still jealous, because she thinks that Hector has another girlfriend. Bridget is suspicious too. She h...

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