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The Power of Music

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Listen to Captain Jack Leroy Tueller, a World War II veteran, talk about how he was able to stop an enemy sniper by playing the trumpet. If you would like to learn more about Captain Jack, check out this CNN article.

102 Year Old Dancer

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Alice Barker is 102 years old. Although she is bed-ridden now, she has had a long and successful dancing career. The surprising thing is that even though Alice has performed in many movies, commercials, and TV shows, ...

Word Crimes by Weird Al

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It's high time to polish up your English grammar and the well-known comedy genius and recording artist Weird Al Yankovic armed with his big dictionary is here to assist you. His latest hit song Word Crimes (a parody o...

Kindness Boomerang

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The music video for the song One Day produced by Life Vest Inside illustrates that practicing random acts of kindness is contagious. This means that like good virus, it spreads to others. However, the main message of ...

Wonderful World – BBC

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Watch the video and listen to David Attenborough marvel about the beauty of the world we live in.  Then listen again and follow the script below.  Check the meanings of any unknown words in the dictionary.  Leave a...

Mayday’s Story

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Mandorock, also known as T-Rock or Taiwanese Rock, is a variety of rock music usually sung in Mandarin. This short movie outlines the history and success of one of the beter-known Mandorock bands, Mayday.

Space Oddity

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In this video Canadian astronaut and commander of the International Space Station Chris Hadfield performs a revised version of David Bowie's song, Space Oddity. Ground control to Major Tom Ground control to Major To...

No Woman, No Drive

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Hisham Fageeh, a Saudi-born comedian, performs his original rendition of Bob Marley's song, No Woman, No Cry. In his video, Hisham uses humor to poke fun at the Saudi ban on women drivers. To learn more about the vide...

Virgin America Safety Video

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Buckle up to get down. This Virgin America safety video features a number of talented singers and dancers. Click here to find out more about this production.

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Trapped in the Drive-Thru, Lyrics

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Follow "Weird Al" as he steps out of the house to grab something to eat. Trapped in the Drive-Thru, a parody of a song by R. Kelly. titled Trapped in the Closet, is rich in phrasal verbs and expressions used in daily ...

a-ha Take on Me, Literally

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Thanks to some creative editing work of DustoMcNeato, this popular 80s song finally makes sense.

Learn Guitar with David Brent

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Enjoy this guitar lesson with actor and comedian Ricky Gervais as the leading character of The Office, David Brent.

Star Wars Rock – Adjectives

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This humorous video produced by OneMinuteGalactica features a Schoolhouse Rock song titled Unpack Your Adjectives. Lyrics below: Music & Lyrics: George R. Newall Sung by: Blossom Dearie Got home from camp...

Star Wars Rock – Interjections

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This humorous video produced by OneMinuteGalactica features a Schoolhouse Rock song titled Interjections! Lyrics below: Lyrics & Music by: Lynn Ahrens Performed by: Essra Mohawk (Edited) When Reginald was ...

Make or Do Gangnam Style

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This video by Fluency MC teaches collocations of "make" and "do" verbs to a popular tune Gangnam Style by PSY.