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The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells

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At the end of the nineteenth century, a metal object fell from the sky in the South of England and made a large hole in the ground. People came to learn, what had happened. They surrounded the hole, looking at the str...

How to Respond to “Tell me about yourself” in a Job Interview

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"Tell me about yourself" is probably the most common job interview question. Answering this open ended question may cause a lot of stress to students of English. Listen to Christina Rebuffet talk about how to handle t...

A Cat and Her Feathered Kittens

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In this video, a couple is surprised to find that a cat on their family farm has adopted ducklings. Can you retell the story after watching the video? Watch it again. Try to divide the plot into three or four stages. ...

The Power of Music

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Listen to Captain Jack Leroy Tueller, a World War II veteran, talk about how he was able to stop an enemy sniper by playing the trumpet. If you would like to learn more about Captain Jack, check out this CNN article.

Jetmen Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet over Dubai

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Watch this amazing video of Yves Rossy and his protege Vince Reffet criss-crossing the skies over Dubai. Unlike normal pilots controlling an airplane, these two jetmen wear wings powered by jet engines directly on the...

102 Year Old Dancer

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Alice Barker is 102 years old. Although she is bed-ridden now, she has had a long and successful dancing career. The surprising thing is that even though Alice has performed in many movies, commercials, and TV shows, ...

The Luckiest Unlucky Man Ever

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Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. Meet Mr. Frane Selak, a music teacher from Croatia. Watch the video about his life and decide if Mr. Selak is the luckiest unlucky man in the world, or rather, the unlu...

Portrait of Lotte

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This short video has no words in it, yet it speaks volumes and it serves as a great conversation starter. Father and filmmaker Frans Hofmeester took a 15 second clip of his daughter every week for 14 years. The resul...

Canada Shared by Canadians – Keep Exploring

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This short video compiled from clips submitted by ordinary Canadians introduces the great variety of outdoor activities one can enjoy in Canada. How many activities are there in this video? Can you name them all? Whic...

Japanese Girl Explains Star Wars

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You can tell a story regardless of your level of English. All you really need is willingness to communicate. Listen to this learner of English summarize Star Wars. More videos featuring Mika can be found here.

Horse Commercial Snowball Fight

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Funny commercial

Horse Commercial Football Game

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Funny commercial

Horse Love Story

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Budweiser Beer Commercial