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There are scrambled eggs and then there are perfect scrambled eggs. 🍳 This video is about the latter. Follow Gordon Ramsay as he prepares his favorite Sunday breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with Sautéed Mushrooms and Tomatoes.  🍅 As you listen to Gordon explain the recipe, pay attention to his unique accent.  👓 Although Gordon was born in Scotland, his accent is not characteristic of the area, but rather, results from the fact he moved around quite a bit as a child.  👂 See if you can pick up the following phrases from the video:

Breakfast, never get a chance to eat it Monday to Friday, but Saturday and Sunday, however, is the time when everyone should have a proper breakfast.
My perfect breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with Sautéed Mushrooms and Tomatoes.
…tomatoes on the vine
Just let those mushrooms and tomatoes sit in the pan over low heat and they will cook themselves.
There is nothing worse than having soggy toast.
This here is sourdough bread. It’s strong, robust and it’s got a lovely flavor to it.
Be quite generous when you cut it.
Start off with 3 eggs.
Don’t season it.
Eggs in the pan.
Butter gives it velvety finish.
…simple spatula
…whisk it in the pan
…take it off the heat
…back onto the heat
…keep stirring
…work at it
It’s starting to come together.
I want creamy scrambled eggs, something quite fluffy.
My toast’s burning.
The heat’s in there.
If I leave it there, it’s gonna overcook. But it’s not gonna overcook because…
…half a tablespoon of crème fraîche
Season it with little bit of salt and pepper.
Add chopped chives.
…the perfect scrambled eggs
Drizzle sourdough bread with olive oil.

What is your recipe for perfect scrambled eggs?  😎 Present your favorite breakfast recipe in class or share it below. 💬

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