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Living English, a 42-part series produced by Australia Network, looks at the English language used in everyday situations such as checking into a hotel or describing people. This episode is titled, “This is my brother.” Click here for details including transcript.

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  • Gavin 7 years ago

    This is a very good video.I learned how to pay.Room name.And the name of the family.

  • Norah Aloyayri 7 years ago

    This is good video. I learned the names of family members and how do introduce any body of my family. And I learned how to pot the new words in a sentence.

  • Episode 8 i learned how to say money and pay. then i learned how do introduce the room and family.

  • Sujeong 7 years ago

    I like this video.
    I learned
    ex)Q:How much is that?
    A:That’ll be seventeen fifty thanks love.
    *the price:taxi,bus,subway…..
    *the fare:$17.50 (seventeen dollars and fifty cents)
    2.Possessive Pronoun
    ex)my bedroom (the bedroom that belongs to me)
    his bedroom,my daughter’s bedroom
    *I-my, you-your, he-his, she-her, it-its, we-our, they-their
    ex) grandparents(grandfather,grandmother), parents(father,mother), children(son,daughter),
    siblings(brother,sister), aunt, uncle, cousins(nephew,niece)…….

  • Norah 7 years ago

    I like this video because I learned how to buy things and how to ask politely. I also learned about family and vocabulary.