Rules for Publishing Videos at

Please note that only registered users are able to submit videos for publication. All those interested in submitting videos at are required to register.

IMPORTANT: We only accept videos that have educational value and that help learn or teach English. Any other materials will be rejected without further notice.

The Administration reserves the right to reject or remove any material without any further notice or explanation. We also reserve the right to make changes to video titles, URLs, and video descriptions without notice or explanation. Please rest assured that we always bear in mind our base principle, namely the educational value of the materials to English learners and teachers.

Video Submission Rules

  • Title of the submitted material should contain the FULL NAME of the video you are sharing.
  • Each submitted video MUST be accompanied by a short and detailed description of the contents.
  • Each submitted video MUST indicate the source such as the author of the material or its publisher.
  • Any URLs in the video description MUST be directly relevant to the material submitted.
  • Each submitted video MUST be assigned to a relevant category or categories.
  • Each submitted video MUST include a few relevant tags separated by commas.

IMPORTANT: Submissions without descriptions, containing inaccurate or meaningless descriptions, as well as those not indicating the source, will be rejected.

The following materials are NOT ALLOWED at

  • erotic, pornographic, of religious or political nature
  • videos containing scenes of graphic violence, gore and other content that may be offensive to unsuspecting audience
  • videos not having any educational value and/or not related to either learning or teaching English
  • videos meant to advertise a specific product or service, or links to other sites advertising such products or services
  • links to file-exchange servers and file-sharing services
  • copyrighted movies, TV series, or documentaries

If you find that in spite of complying with the above rules your videos do not get published, describe the situation by filling out our contact form and we will do our best to resolve any issues.