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Learn about the challenges of running the Tokyo Metro. 🚇 The video script is included below.  📄 Feel free to double click any words to check their meanings in our dictionary.  📖 If you enjoyed this video and found it useful, share it with your friends. 💁

White gloves, caps, and carefully choreographed moves. Employes of the Tokyo Metro run this vast underground network with the precision of a music conductor. Their unusual style consists of pointing and describing out loud every task they carry out leaving no room for error.

Here in the Tokyo Metro we have a five second margin for being on time. If we’re just a little late, we have to make up for it straight away. In this job you have to have a mental clock ticking all the time.

Running this behemoth is no easy feat. Two metro systems sprawl underneath the Japanese capital. To complicate things, on the surface, private train lines wind their way in and out of the network. Overall, around 26 million passengers use this transport web every day.

In between Toei, Tokyo Metro, Keio there are a lot of train operators. When you take the metro in Tokyo you have to juggle between the different train companies and it’s hard to find your way around.

Every operator takes into account the other timetables to make sure commuters make their connections. A delay on one line can have a huge knock-on effect on the whole network of packed trains.

Every carriage is meant to take 150 passengers, which includes those sitting and standing, but at rush hour we push capacity to 180 percent.

It might be a tight squeeze at times but the Tokyo Metro is a well-oiled machine. For its employees it’s obvious, the key to its success is simply Japanese work ethic.

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